Ophthalmic Distributors

Ophthalmic Distributors & Wholesalers for over 20 years!

Wholesale supplies

Veni Vidi Medical has been an ophthalmic distributors and wholesaler for over two decades. Over the years they have represented many different ophthalmic suppliers from around the world in the UK market with varying ranges. Included in these ranges have been IOLs, capital equipment for phacoemulsification, consumables, disposable instruments and ophthalmic devices.

Surgical devices for the NHS

Being a recognised ophthalmic supplier to the NHS for many years has contributed to the success of the company and has opened many doors into private practice. At Veni Vidi Medical, we pride ourselves on representing some of the best ophthalmic surgical devices, which have been developed using cutting edge technology used for oculoplastic surgery.

Oculoplastic Consumables

As an ophthalmic surgical device distributor and wholesaler, it is important to have a wide range of products that complement one another. Our range of Oculoplastic consumables and devices are world renowned and are by far our best sellers. We also have available an Intravitreal injection device, the Precivia which measures the angle, depth and placement of the injection whilst eliminating the need for the speculum, caliper and drape.

As a vitreoretinal surgical device distributor and wholesaler, we have in place a small specialist team to train all users in the intricate use of all aspects of the VR range. This includes forceps, light probes, laser probes, silicone oil and heavy liquids/ PFCLs.

The range is manufactured by FCI and Katalyst and is a real alternative to much larger competitors such as Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and Dorc. Katalyst have been manufacturing Vitreoretinal surgical devices for over 20 years and are still releasing new technology to date.

Ophthalmology supplies & distribution

As an ophthalmology supplies company, we attend several conferences throughout the year including BOPSS – Oculoplastic national meeting, BEAVRS – Vitreoretinal national meeting, NEOS – North of England, RCOphth – Royal College of Ophthalmology annual meeting and several regional meetings such as OOC – Oxford Ophthalmic Congress and MOS – Midland Ophthalmic Society.

We also attend international conferences such as the ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and refractive surgery) and AAO (American Academy Ophthalmology).

As an Ophthalmic distribution and wholesale company we are constantly in search of new product lines to complement our existing range. We are always interested in new technology in ophthalmology and new ophthalmic devices.

We are currently looking to extend our corneal range by adding intraocular lenses for cataract surgery to complement our Corneal Cross Linking range (CXL) and hypotonic and isotonic Riboflavin.

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