Bleb Knives Enables dissection of subconjunctival scar tissue with few risks of damaging conjunctiva in the case of restoring failed filtering bleb. Ideal for removing pterygium. The Bleb Knife 2 with its shorter blade and more rounded and thinner body reduces the risk of widening the port unintentionally. The anti-glare finish prevents reflection in surgery.

Bleb needling is capable of restoring function to clinically failed glaucoma filtering blebs. A small-gauge needle is usually used to puncture and incise the fibrous episcleral tissue. However, needle movement is sometimes restricted by strong resistance under the conjunctiva, with the result that incision of the episcleral scar tissue is inefficient.

A crescent knife is used for cataract surgery to incise hard tissue but is too wide manipulate under the conjunctiva via small entry site. We have now developed an extra-fine crescent knife for bleb revision.

SKU DesignationSize
BKS-10AGFRegular Typew=1.0mmStraight
BKB-10AGFRegular Typew=1.0mmBent Bevel Up angle 45°
BKB2-10AGFRegular Typew=1.0mmBent Bevel Up angle 45°