Masterka® is one of FCI latest innovationfor treatment of congenitalnasolacrimal duct obstructionresistant to probing.
Unlike the traditional “pulled” technique in which the stent is advanced through the nasolacrimal system and retrieved through the nose by pulling on the guide probe or thread, the Masterka® has no metallic probe or suture attached to it and, therefore, it is not pulled out of the nose.
Instead, the Masterka® is pushed into the nasolacrimal duct and anchored in place at the punctum by a plug-like fixation head.

• Easy to insert
• No nasal retrieval
• No knots
• No sutures
• Less traumatic
• Requires sizer (S1.1289) to select the length & 0.3mm disposable punctumdilator and plug inserter (S1.3090)
• Available in 3 lengths: 30, 35 and 40mm
• 3mmplug collarette
• Medical grade silicone
• Sterile

The Masterka® (Class IIb) is a medical devices manufactured by FCI S.A.S. - Notified Body: GMED CE n°0459.

SKU DesignationSizeDiameterMaterialPackaging


30 mm length0.90 mmSiliconeBox of 1


35 mm length0.90 mmSiliconeBox of 1


40 mm length0.90 mmSiliconeBox of 1