Kai MVR knives are specifically designed for very precise Vitrectomy surgery and for side ports in cataract surgery. The knives are available in both straight and angled styles.

Kai ultra-sharp blades are created through a chemical etching process which reduces resistance during surgery and contributes to post-surgical wound healing.

Kai’s product range offers a wide variety of blade types and sizes to meet the needs of surgeons.

Scope of application:

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Scleral Tunnel Incision – Side port
  • Clear Corneal Incision – Side port
  • Retina Surgery – Scleral Incision

Chemically sharpened blades provide several advantages over traditional mechanically ground blades.

Mechanical grinding typically produces heat as a byproduct of the sharpening process. This heat can lead to microstructural or crystallographic changes that degrade the hardness of the material at the sharpened edge. This unintended tempering or annealing may result in blade edges that quickly become dull in use. Chemically etched blades produce no heat-induced annealing that can cause blade dulling with repeated use.”

Another advantage of the chemical sharpening process is improved registration capability of the sharp edge to other features of the blade. The better registration enables improved performance, design miniaturization, and reduced quality issues. In addition, chemical sharpening can also produce complex sharpened edge shapes in an economical fashion. Examples include serrated, curved, wavy, or otherwise non-linear blade edges.

SKU DesignationSize

MVR Knives

Regular TypeΦ=0.6mmStraight

MVR Knives

Regular TypeΦ=0.9mmStraight

MVR Knives

Regular TypeΦ=1.0mmStraight

MVR Knives

Regular TypeΦ=0.9mmBent

MVR Knives

Safety TypeΦ=0.9mm