Precivia® Pack

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Precivia® is a disposable device that simplifies* intravitreal injections. Its special design ensures a fast, accurate & predictable procedure*.

• Eliminates unnecessary instruments: no speculum, caliper or pressure plate needed.
• Assures accuracy: fixed guide ensures proper angle, depth & distance of injection every time.
• Relaxes patients*: immobilizes the eye & hides the needle resulting in less patient anxiety.
• Prevents leakage*: Rotating the device pre & post injection, displaces & replaces the conjunctiva over the injection hole.

Precivia® is the gold standard for all intravitreal injections.

• 1x Wrapping Sheet 75x75 cm
• 1x Perforated Drape 53x50 cm
• 1x Precivia® (S5.200.P)
• 3x Pro Ophta Sticks
• 5x Compresses 5x5 cm
• 1x 30 Ga 12 mm Cannula

*References: Ratnarajan G, Nath R, Appaswamy S, et al. Intravitreal injections using a novel conjunctival mould: a comparison with a conventional technique. British Journal of Ophthalmology 2013;97:395-397. Petri, A., Boysen, K., Cehofski, L.J. et al. Intravitreal Injections with Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitors: A Practical Approach. Ophthalmol Ther 9, 191–203 (2020).

Precivia® Pack is a Class IIa medical device indicated for intravitreal injections. It is distributed by FCI S.A.S. and manufactured by M.E.D. Medical Products GmbH - Notified Body: DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH CE n°0297.

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