FCI Ptose-up® is a strip of biomaterial made of expanded Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (ePTFE) used to join the upper eyelid to the frontalis muscle in ptosis surgery with frontalis suspension.

• Used successfully for more than 30 years
• Ready-to-use
• Biocompatible
• Biointegrable (70μmpores)
• Excellent tolerance
• No need for autologous tissue
• New feature: needles with ultra-sharp tips attached to the Ptose-up® to facilitate the strip insertion
• Strip: 150 mm long & 0.35 mm thick
• Two widths available: 2 mm & 3 mm
• Needles: 58 mm long
• Sterile

The Ptose-up® is Class a IIb medical device manufactured by FCI S.A.S. - Notified Body: GMED CE n°0459

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