Our History

Veni Vidi Medical was established in 2006 by the late Gary Parker. Having been in the Ophthalmic industry since 1987, working with various distribution companies, he decided to launch Veni Vidi Medical to call his own. He had networked over the years with numerous world renowned, international ophthalmic companies and built strong friendships with many. These friendships soon blossomed into strong working relationships, some of which are still distribution partners of Veni Vidi Medical to this day.

Our future

After Gary unfortunately passed in March of 2019, his daughter Francesca continued Gary’s hard work and succeeded him as MD of Veni Vidi Medical. Having worked for the family business for over 10 years this was a challenging but inevitable step for both Francesca and the company.

The family values of Veni Vidi are at the core of the company, which truly allows us to develop as a team, and carry on building a company Gary would be proud of.

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