Frequently Asked Questions

How much does delivery cost?

Standard charge is £9.95 per delivery.

Can I order online?

Please get in touch via our contact page.

What is your returns policy?

If you wish to return any goods, you must first make a request to Veni Vidi Medical, if the request is accepted, you will be given strict return instructions with which you must comply.

Veni Vidi Medical reserves the right to subject any return of goods unrelated to a complaint to a re-stocking charge, acceptance of such goods being on the sole condition that they are returned in a saleable condition.

A credit Note will be issued instead of any outstanding payments and will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue.

Please contact Veni Vidi Medical to request a return via our contact page.

Do you refund the delivery charge?

Unfortunately, delivery charges cannot be refunded.

How do I contact Veni Vidi Medical?

Please get in touch via our contact page.

I have a question or complaint, who should I contact?

Please get in touch via our contact page.

I would like to organise a trial, who do I contact?

Please get in touch via our contact page.

I would like further information on a product, who do I contact?

Please get in touch via our contact page.


Privacy Policy

Data Protection Overview

The following Data Protection Overview provides a concise overview of how Veni-Vidi online services (websites and social networks) collect and process your personal information. Full details of this process are available in the complete version of our Data Protection Notice.

What information do we collect?

I. When you open and/or use one of our online services, the information collected includes:

  • The type of browser you are using
  • The pages you have visited on our website
  • The operating system
  • Your IP address or shortened IP address
  • User behaviour (e.g. mouse movements, click behaviour, session duration, etc.)

This information is predominantly collected and used in an anonymized or pseudonymized form.

II. If you have registered on our website, you have voluntarily provided information about yourself, which includes:

  • First name, last name and title
  • Payment information
  • Contact information (e.g. email, phone)
  • Address and order information
  • Company, group assignment
  • Products and equipment you use
  • Personal interests and preferences

How is information collected by Veni Vidi ?

FCI Ophthalmics’ online services use various types of cookies or tracking technologies with different functions. These perform purely technical functions, while also contributing to the optimization of the web pages, to interactions with social media, as well as to the usage-related advertisement both on our side and the partners’ side. As a result, we also provide information to our partners for analysis, marketing, and social media purposes. You can object to the use of these technologies at any time and in different stages. Click on “Settings” to select your personal cookie settings:

Data is collected by Veni-Vidi’s online services via automated processes or user entry, e.g. by means of:

  • Cookie tracking pixels
  • Direct user entry
  • Cross-device tracking, mouse tracking and similar methods

Cookies make websites more user-friendly, effective and secure. A cookie is a text file containing information about user activity which is temporarily saved in the user’s browser. They can be used to define and save visitor preferences and website settings.

Why does Veni-Vidi online services process and use my personal information?

It should be noted that Veni-Vidi only collects personal information on a case-by-case basis and for specific purposes. The following list of reasons is therefore not exhaustive.

  • For the provision of our products and services
  • To comply with legal obligations
  • For credit checks when processing payments that use insecure payment methods
  • To prevent fraud on purchases for advertising purposes
  • For web analytics and to improve our website
  • For contests
  • For newsletters and other subscriptions
  • For online applications
  • For contact purposes and in contact forms
  • For orders
  • During the use of Veni-Vidi  digital services, e.g. platforms, subscribing to/unsubscribing from newsletters.

We know that it is important to you that your personal information be handled with care. Since data protection is a high priority issue at VV Medical, we make sure that your information is collected, processed and used strictly in accordance with the law. The instances listed above are those in which we require personal information from you. This information helps us continually improve our websites and provide you with an individualized user experience. The individual items of personal information are used to process your orders, to deliver purchased goods and products to you, to verify your creditworthiness, to process payments, to prevent fraud, and to keep you informed about your orders and our products, services, and special offers.

To ensure that we can get in touch with you quickly, we request that you provide us with your email address. Your address will only be used for advertising purposes if you have given your explicit permission for this.

Legal basis for processing personal data

We process your data only in compliance with the applicable laws. In particular, we will process your data in accordance with Article 6 and Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as in accordance with the conditions for consent in Article 7 GDPR. We will process your data, among other things, upon the following legal bases. Please note that this is not a complete or exhaustive list of the legal bases. Instead, these are merely examples intended to render the legal bases more transparent.

  • Consent (point (a) of Article 6, paragraph 1 and Article 7 GDPR or point (a) of Article 9, paragraph 2 and Article 7 GDPR): we will only process specific data according to your explicit and voluntary consent, provided in advance. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future.
  • Performance of a contract / pre-contractual measures (point (b) of Article 6, paragraph 1 GDPR): we require access to certain data to initiate or implement your contract with VV Medical and VV Medical’ partners.
  • Compliance with a legal obligation (point (c) of Article 6, paragraph 1 GDPR): VV Medical is subject to several legal requirements. In order to meet these requirements, we must process specific data.
  • Protection of legitimate interests (point (f) of Article 6, paragraph 1): VV Medical will process specific data to protect its interests or those of third parties. However, this only applies if your interests in the individual case do not prevail.

Where is my personal information processed?

Generally, your information is processed on servers located in the USA. If permitted, your information may also be processed in countries other than the USA. User information is processed in part by external companies hired by VV Medical. The forwarding of data within the entities (if permitted), the transfer of data abroad, and the processing of data via external partners are performed in accordance with the applicable data privacy protection laws.

These activities are secured by means of the statutory regulations on data privacy protection including data processing agreements, EU standard contractual clauses, and international conventions.

What rights do I have?

  • The right to information
  • The right to object, including the right to withdraw your objection
  • The right to have information deleted or released/transferred
  • The right to limit or block the processing of information
  • The right to have information corrected
  • The right of appeal, also through a responsible supervisory authority
  • The right to withdraw your consent
  • The right to not be subject to a decision stemming from the automated processing of information or profiling

For data protection requests, please contact our corporate data protection representatives through the contact form.

Data Protection Notice

Data processing at Veni-Vidi(e.g. collection, processing, transfer) is performed in accordance with the law. The personal information needed from you for business transactions is stored by us and transferred to service providers contracted by Veni-Vidi the extent necessary to process the transactions.


This data protection notice applies to the website, domain, social media platforms and applications belonging to Veni-Vidi. It does not apply to the websites of Veni-Vidi that, for example, have amended data protection and legal notices due to national legislation. Therefore, please note the respective data protection and legal notices of all Veni-Vidi you visit or platforms you use.

In some cases, Veni-Vidi website also contains links to websites of third-party, Veni-Vidi external companies to which this data protection and legal notice does not apply.

General Data Protection Standard

When you visit Veni-Vidi website, data may be collected which may, in some cases, be of a personal nature. In this notice, we point out what personal information Veni-Vidi collects during your visit to our website, and how we handle this data.

We consider the protection of your personal information a very serious matter. Our processing of your personal information collected during your visit to our websites is carried out fully in accordance with the relevant legal stipulations. In addition, our approach to dealing with personal information is based on the EU data protection principles which provide for the greatest possible degree of transparency, observance of the right to choose, access rights and the transmission and lawful processing of personal information.

Every Veni-Vidi company complies with the data protection laws which are applicable in its own particular case. In addition, the handling of personal information is specified in a company directive for all Veni-Vidi companies. This Data Protection policy serves to ensure that your data is processed properly and in compliance with the applicable laws at the Veni-Vidi companies which handle personal information. At the same time, we have instructed our employees to refer to and comply with our data protection rules wherever personal information is requested on any website.

To the extent legally permissible and with due regard for your legitimate interests in excluding the transmission or use of information, we may forward your address and creditworthiness data to, or request this data from, credit agencies in order to run credit checks for orders. For orders paid for by invoice, we use address data in addition to other creditworthiness data to estimate the risk of payment defaults in individual cases. Veni-Vidi generally provides its customers with the option of using insecure payment methods (e.g. paying by invoice, credit purchases).  Veni-Vidi has a justified interest in protecting itself against payment defaults. This is usually done by checking the customer’s creditworthiness before offering the option of using an insecure payment method. For credit checks, Veni-Vidi is entitled to use negative creditworthiness information about the customer.

Creditworthiness information pertains to information about outstanding payments and information which provides direct indication that the customer is at risk of defaulting on his or her payment (e.g. bankruptcy, debt counseling, deferrals due to inability to pay). Veni-Vidi also monitors information about exceedingly atypical orders (e.g. simultaneous orders for multiple items with the same delivery address placed using same or different customer accounts). This is intended to prevent the occurrence of payment defaults and to protect our customers against having their identities used for fraudulent purposes.

Furthermore, Veni-Vidi is permitted to collect and process address and order information for its own marketing purposes. This means, for example, that Veni-Vidi may use email addresses collected during order processes in its MailChimp email address lists in order to send an email containing product information, promotions, or company news to the owner of the address. MailChimp is not permitted, however, to use the email address for any purpose other than allowing an email campaign with the stored email address list. Information is sent to third party for advertising purposes only in cases where it is legally permissible to do so.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

Veni-Vidi and its products, services and technologies are subject to the export regulations of various countries, including those of the European Union and its members states and those of the United States. You acknowledge that Veni-Vidi is required, per applicable export regulations, trade sanctions, and embargos, to take measures to prevent companies, organizations, and parties named in sanction party lists from acquiring certain products, technologies, and services through Veni-Vidiwebsites or delivery channels controlled by Veni-Vidi These measures may include the following:

  • The automated comparison of user registration information described in this notice and other information related to the user’s identity with applicable sanction lists;
  • Regular and repeated comparisons of this information as sanction lists are updated or as the user updates his or her information;
  • The blocking of access to the services and systems of Veni-Vidi if a user is found in an applicable sanction list;
  • Establishing contact with the user in the event his or her information is found in a sanction list, in order to verify his or her identity.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that information required to carry out activities in accordance with your decision to have your personal information processed and used, or to receive marketing and promotional materials from Veni-Vidi (regardless of the country in which the Vendi-Vidi company in question is located, and whether you have provided your explicit permission or objection to receive marketing and promotional materials) may be stored by Veni-Vidi and exchanged between them to the extent this is required by law.


The information contained in this archive is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the results and the performance of the information is assumed by the user, and in no event shall Veni-Vidi Inc. be liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages suffered in the course of using the information in this archive. Use of the information contained in this archive is governed by the respective license agreements and may contain restrictions on use.