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KKM Knives

In cooperation with Prof Tetsuro Oshika (University of Tsukuba) Kai Medical developed the KKM knives, which can be perfectly used for Transconjunctival Single-Plane Sclerocorneal Incision....

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Bleb Knives

Bleb Knives Enables dissection of subconjunctival scar tissue with few risks of damaging conjunctiva in the case of restoring failed filtering bleb. Ideal for removing pterygium. The Bleb Knife 2...

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Implant Knives

Implant Knives, manufactured to extend the phaco tip incision to create the exact size required to implant your intra ocular lens of choice. Scope of application • Cataract...

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Slit Knives

Slit Knives in many sizes are available to ensure the exact incision for your choice of phaco tip and operating access. Precision created by computer-driven grinding technology. Scope of...

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Clear Corneal Knives

Clear Corneal Knives are made using a chemical etching process that creates this ultra sharp blade, producing a double bevel perfectly suited to clear corneal incisions. The geometry allows high...

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Stab Knives

Stab knives are made of razor blades with 3 bevel edge-setting. The razor edge-setting methods ensure the consistent sharpness and preciseness of stab knives. These super sharp cataract...

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