Precivia® is a tried and tested disposable device that simplifies* intravitreal injections. Its special design ensures a fast, accurate & predictable procedure*.

• Eliminates unnecessary instruments: no speculum, caliper or pressure plate needed.
• Assures accuracy: fixed guide ensures proper angle, depth & distance of injection every time.
• Relaxes patients*: immobilizes the eye & hides the needle resulting in less patient anxiety.
• Prevents leakage*: Rotating the device pre & post injection, displaces & replaces the conjunctiva over the injection hole.

Precivia® is the gold standard for all intravitreal injections.

An intravitreal injection is a shot of medicine into injected into the eye. The inside of the eye is filled with a jelly-like fluid (vitreous). During this procedure, a health care provider injects medicine into the vitreous, near the retina at the back of the eye. The medicine can treat certain eye problems and help protect your vision. This method is most often used to get a higher level of medicine to the retina.

*References: Ratnarajan G, Nath R, Appaswamy S, et al. Intravitreal injections using a novel conjunctival mould: a comparison with a conventional technique. British Journal of Ophthalmology 2013;97:395-397. Petri, A., Boysen, K., Cehofski, L.J. et al. Intravitreal Injections with Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitors: A Practical Approach. Ophthalmol Ther 9, 191–203 (2020).

¹Registered trade mark of Genentech Inc. ²Registred trade mark of Bayer AG. ¹*Please verify the medical use of Avastin® with your local authorities. Precivia® is a Class Is medical device indicated for intravitreal injections and manufactured by FCI S.A.S. - Notified Body: GMED CE n°0459.

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Precivia®, the precision intravitreal injection system.

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